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Helica's experience

17 January 2023

The entire experience of using Helica, from first contact to installation.

For Helica to be able to define the best solution for each situation, it must know the terrain to be studied. That's how it all starts with Helica , through a geotechnical test on the ground. This test is the basis of all subsequent work and constitutes essential information for not only defining the solution, but also its applicability to the case. Thus, before defining the solution, Helica moves a test equipment to the ground to extract geotechnical information and compile it, so that it serves not only Helica 's purposes but also functions as important information for the landowner.

By obtaining geotechnical information and the various parameters and technical characteristics of the project, Helica 's technical team can define the optimal solution for the terrain in question. The company's experience associated with the various methods of geotechnical analysis that Helica has, result from various analyzes and tests on the ground, allows us to prescribe an optimized solution that is adequate to the needs of the project and individualized for each foundation or fixing to the ground. The materials, dimensions, protection, installation methods and attachment to the structure above ground, everything is defined by the technical team of Helica .

Prior to the production of materials and because soils may have their own specificities and variability inherent to geotechnical heterogeneity, there may be a need to carry out load tests on site. To carry out these tests, load test equipment is applied on the ground, which are connected to precision equipment and subsequently forces are applied until we reach almost 100ton. Helica 's various test equipment allows us to verify the capacity of the installed elements for vertical tensile and compression loads, but also for horizontal loads. With the information obtained in the load tests, we were able to validate in the field all the assumptions defined by the technical team and prove/validate the capacity of the solution.

Once all the elements have been defined and validated, Helica is ready to start production. To be able to guarantee installations in a short period of time, Helica has material in stock that it manages to place on the ground very quickly and thus provide a good and quick experience to all stakeholders. If the material is not in stock, Helica must produce it in accordance with the company's internal quality standards and in accordance with the best production practices.

The final phase of the experience is the installation of the Helicas on the ground. Helica 's team and installation equipment manage to offer a very quick installation. From the smaller models to Helicas with more load capacity, we have installation equipment adapted to the installation site and with installation records capable of proving the load capacities of the installed elements. Depending on the type of materials to be installed and the conditions, installation can take a few hours to several days. At the end of the installation, the technical team at Helica provides an installation report with all the technical information associated with the installation and justification of the solution employed.

After all this immersion in the world of Helica, nothing better than ending with a restoration to nature of what we took from it. We calculate the CO2 emitted and plant trees together with everyone who is part of the Helica universe.

We want to guarantee a future with a better world!


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