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Helica, what is it?

17 January 2023

Helica, what is it? The description of the Helicas and how they can be the solution for your project.

The foundation market has been characterized by traditional solutions with little environmental concern and low sustainability. Helica was born to introduce some disruption in this market, with new products, but also with a different way of being present in the market, in harmony with the environment.

But then what are our Helicas ?

The Helicas are the foundations offered by us, Helica . The first Helica model is the model, which, on his technical name, is an helical pile. It is a solution already proven and used in several corners of the world, but with little presence in Europe and especially in Portugal. It is composed of a set of metallic elements connected together, with a main vertical tube where helices are present along its length. These elements enter the ground through rotation and can be coupled together to ensure the desired length inside the ground.

Helica model is thus a 100% metallic element placed inside the ground to absorb the loads coming from the structure that is above the ground, whether these are vertical loads or horizontal loads. The Helicas can be fixed to different types of structures with different types of materials and in the same way that they are placed in the ground, with rotation like a screw, they can also be removed. This feature of Helicas allows for easy initial installation and easy removal from the ground, leaving the ground free of debris or disturbance. The Helicas thus removed can be easily installed elsewhere.

The material placed on the ground has the capacity and protection capable of ensuring a useful life inside the ground equal to or greater than the useful life of the structure it supports. With different ways of protecting the material, we can offer a solution with durability according to the requirements of the work or the needs of the customer.

Installation of Helicas does not involve any use of concrete. Despite the strong negative impact of steel production on the environment, there are already production methods that manage to mitigate many of these effects, and it is in these that Helica sees itself. The life cycle of our solutions promotes not only the use of recycled materials but also their reuse and the absence of waste, creating a circular economy around Helica products and solutions. In addition, the entire carbon production of the company's operations and of each work is calculated, not only so that we are environmentally aware of the negative impacts generated, but also to be able to cancel these impacts. We are hand in hand with the environment and, by planting trees throughout the territory of Helica 's operations, we cancel our negative impact on the environment in the medium term.

Helica is therefore an easy, fast, and sustainable solution to use in your foundations or fixings to the ground.

Contact us to find out how we can implement our solution in your project.



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